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On the Issues


San Bernardino has 41 parks which are important to our neighborhoods, but the city has failed to adequately maintain and protect many of them. Helen Tran will work to clean up local parks and ensure the Parks Department has sufficient staff and resources for restoration and maintenance. Helen is committed to ensuring that San Bernardino’s kids have a safe place to play.


Years of neglect and lack of investment have caused frequent potholes and cracks in San Bernardino’s streets and sidewalks. Helen Tran will work to make street services and repairs more efficient, and to invest in resurfacing and rebuilding streets where appropriate. Helen will fight for additional state and federal funds to upgrade our transportation infrastructure.


Trash and illegal dumping have a major impact on quality of life, and dilapidated buildings and storefronts pose a danger to health and safety. Helen Tran will work to repurpose blighted buildings and lots, and work with community organizations to reduce blight. Helen will make sure that city trash services and bulky item pickup respond quickly to resident complaints to keep San Bernardino beautiful.

On the Issues


Unemployment in the San Bernardino region skyrocketed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of businesses closed their doors, and thousands of residents lost secure jobs. Much of the progress made since the Great Recession was wiped out in a matter of months. Helen Tran understands that changes are necessary in San Bernardino to attract high-paying jobs, which is why she will fight to:

  • Invest in infrastructure using federal and state dollars to rebuild roads and telecommunications infrastructure to attract growing companies.
  • Streamline permitting for businesses that are building and expanding.
  • Revitalize downtown San Bernardino by reducing homelessness, incentivizing new business development, and hosting additional community cultural events.
  • Create startup loans to provide low-cost funding to entrepreneurs building local businesses that provide good jobs.
  • Partner with schools, including CSUSB and SBVCC, to provide workforce development and opportunities for students.
  • Re-use blighted property by identifying public properties that are vacant and disused, and make them available to new development.
On the Issues


As our Mayor, Helen Tran will work to:

  • Build housing and emergency accommodations fast by identifying new funding and cutting red tape to ensure that there are places for people experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness to go.
  • Expand mental health services working within the city, county, and state levels to create new comprehensive mental health care so that those with severe mental illness are in treatment, not on the sidewalk.
  • Work with drug and alcohol treatment service providers to help unhoused people transition to stable life and employment and break destructive patterns of behavior.
On the Issues


Both violent and non-violent crimes are on the rise in San Bernardino. There are steps our city can take now to protect communities and prevent violence.


Studies show that high-crime areas become safer when residents, police, and businesses have an active presence in their neighborhoods. Crimes happen in the shadows, especially around areas with vacant or dilapidated businesses. Helen Tran will work to revitalize high-crime areas and stop crime before it starts by providing incentives for new businesses to open, adding lights and cameras where appropriate, and increasing the police presence.


Crime happens fast, and emergency response times can be the difference between life and death. Data shows that quick response times lead to higher case clearance rates, particularly for thefts and burglary. Helen Tran will work with law enforcement and medical services to reduce emergency response times, prioritize life-threatening emergencies, and provide help fast.

On the Issues


San Bernardino should be a great place to raise a family and a great place to be a kid. Smart investment now will pay dividends for future generations of residents. Early interventions in a child’s life can make all the difference in the world. Helen Tran will work to:

  • Fully fund youth sports and after school programs to keep kids safe and out of trouble.
  • Improve STEM learning opportunities by partnering with local high-tech companies and CSUSB and SBVCC.
  • Invest in San Bernardino’s public libraries and expand hours so that students have a safe place to do homework.
  • Expand our youth mentoring program and social service outreach for at-risk children to end the school-to-prison pipeline.